Monday, 30 November 2009

Golf Training Aids

There is no better time to perfect your golfing skills than during those cold, short, winter months. If you don’t have time to spend every day on the golf course then Onlinegolf could have the answer.

Using Onlinegolf’s brand new range of Sklz golf training aids, you can be sure to have your putting spot on and your driving just right by the start of the golf season. The great thing about these golf products is that you can practice wherever you want and whenever you want. You can practice by yourself and then your golfing friends can see your improvements for themselves.

Get a head start on your fellow golfers with the Sklz Power Sleeve . Simply attach the sleeve to any golf club and it instantly becomes a weighted club to allow you to loosen up before a game and build up your golf muscles. When you hit your golf balls you will be able to identify and fix golf swing flaws promoting straightness and distance to your drive.

The Sklz Grip Trainer is a great way to build up golf specific muscles indoors or outdoors. The moulded grip teaches you the ideal hand placement and removable weights mean that you can mimic irons and woods. Perfect your grip position, swing tempo and timing with this great new golf training aid and step your golfing game up.

If putting lets you down then the Putting Gate and Perfect Plane could be for you. The putting gate will ensure that your future putts roll straight and square while the Perfect Plane aid teaches a correct putting stroke path, proper acceleration and how to square the clubface. Regular putting practice using these aids will mean you no longer lose your game on the green.

Practice does make perfect so get yourself a great golf training aid from Onlinegolf and watch your handicap fly down!

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