Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Which Golf Ball is Right for You?

When choosing a golf ball, many golfers head straight for the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball, without a second thought as to which golf ball would best suit their game. Here at Onlinegolf, we want to help you make the best decision possible, resulting in you lowering your scores on the golf course.

First things first, what are you look for from a golf ball? The first general difference is between distance golf balls and spin golf balls. As the name suggests, distance golf balls are designed to give you greater length on your shots, getting you onto the green in fewer strokes, while spin golf balls give you enhanced control as you approach the greens.

High handicap golfers will appreciate distance golf balls as they increase the length of your shots, which high handicappers generally need. However, if you tend to lose a few golf balls over 18 holes of golf, check out our range of Clearance Store Golf Balls for great golf balls at incredible prices.

As you start to improve, it could be worth upgrading to Lake Golf Balls, which have been rescued from various hazards at golf clubs, before being restored to Grade A quality, and made available to you at a great value price, giving you premium golf balls without the premium price tag.

Spin Golf Balls offer the ultimate in feel and control to improve your performance around the greens of the golf course. These golf balls are of particular benefit to low handicap golfers who have no problems with distance, but require more touch and feel around the green.

Those are the main types of Golf Balls, if you’re completely new to golf, you may find that you need different golf balls as your ability improves and your handicap lowers.

Keep on top of your golf and get the Golf Ball that is right for you with Onlinegolf, Europe’s number one golf shop.

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