Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Golf Gloves

Most golfers wear one golf glove during play. Typically worn on the leading hand, in other words the hand nearest the target, the golf glove combined with the bare skin on the other hand provides exceptional grip whilst allowing the golfer to maintain a soft hold on the golf club at the same time.

The Four Categories of Golf Glove

100% Leather Golf Gloves are found at the top end of the market. Usually more expensive, these golf gloves tend to be incredibly soft and comfortable. The leather offers an incredibly subtle grip on the golf club.

Leather/Synthetic mix is the budget option, though they are perfectly good gloves for all standards of golfer. The leather will be on the palm and inside of the fingers for grip whilst the rest of the glove will be made from a synthetic material. One of the advantages of this type of golfing glove is that they are more weather resistant. Some golfers also find the flexible synthetic fabric more comfortable than leather.

All Weather Golfing Mitts

All weather golf gloves are made 100% from synthetic material to provide a firm grip whatever the weather on the golf course. We also stock insulating winter golf gloves for extra warmth whilst swinging your golf club. You can even find proper full winter gloves to keep your hands warm between shots.

The range of golf gloves at Onlinegolf consists of all the major brands including FootJoy, Mizuno Golf, Under Armour, Adidas Golf, Callaway Golf, Srixon, Wilson, and Nike Golf.

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