Friday, 20 November 2009

Golf Trolleys

For those golfers who take no pleasure from lugging around a carry bags or for those who would rather save their energy for their golf swing, a golf trolley is an excellent addition to your golfing gear. There is also the added advantage of having more space as cart bags are almost always much larger than stand bags.

Energy Saving Golf Trolleys
Trolleys come in two versions: Pull or Electric. Pull Trolleys have a handle and wheels and are usually lightweight and fairly compact. Designed to work in conjunction with a cart bag, the golfer can simply place their golf bag on the trolley platform, secure the bag to the trolley with a strap and pull the trolley along with them.

Battery Powered Golf Carts
Electric Golf Trolleys typically come with a motor and a battery so they are much easier to manoeuvre than a Pull. For many, they are the ultimate golf investment. Certain Electric Trolleys have all sorts of clever tricks such as a remote control freewheel system. Typically, Electric Trolleys can be dismantled and stored for convenience.

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