Thursday, 10 December 2009

Golf Sweaters

golf sweaters

The golf sweater will make you look great and feel warm during cold days on the golf course, a must for any golfing wardrobe. Ensure that you pick a sweater that allows freedom of movement during your golf swing with a golf specific sweater. Onlinegolf’s golf sweaters are soft and breathable, they keep you cosy without adding bulk and ultimately give you enhanced comfort on the golf course.

At Onlinegolf, we have a amazing range of warm, stylish golf sweaters, including Ashworth , Nike Golf, Adidas Golf, Ralph Lauren, Mizuno and Calvin Klein Golf, so you can enjoy superior smart comfort during your golf round!

Adding to your performance on the golf course

New technology has led to better maintenance of optimum core body temperature, improving the golfing performance of any serious golfer. Both Nike Golf and Mizuno Golf have created two specific golf technologies to boost your confidence and warmth on the golf course. Nike CoolMax, from Nike Golf, keeps you dry and comfortable on the golf course by wicking sweat away from your body and allowing your skin to breathe. Mizuno Windlite, created by Mizuno Golf, offers superior wind-proofing to protect you from the elements for a cool comfortable game of golf.

Keep warm on the golf course with a wonderful new golf sweater.

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