Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ladies Golf Clothing

Ladies golf clothing

When you take a trip down to the golf course, it is important you are dressed to look the part in style and comfort. There are a range of golf brands now selling golf clothing including great technologies to keep you comfortable whilst playing the game you love, your budget will play a part in deciding what branded golf clothing is best for you.

Combining Comfort and Style

Although the look of a garment will play a big part when making your clothing decisions for the golf course, it is important to consider other aspects. When playing golf you will need freedom of movement so that your swing is not restricted by your golf clothing, some garments contain stretch fabrics to allow for this.

In terms of the technologies used in golf clothing, many brands use them to keep you cool and dry on the golf course. The technology used in the garment you buy will depend upon the golf brand you have chosen. For example if you are looking to stay cool and dry on the golf course garments with adidas’s ClimaLite technology is one to look out for. ClimaLite is a technology which wicks moisture away from the skin keeping you dry on the golf course, similarly Nike Golf have a technology called Dri-Fit. To identify which technologies are used in the item you are thinking of purchasing, simply read the description on the product page this will inform you of the technology present in the item and how it can benefit you on the golf course.

With this in mind you can now create the head to toe look you desire from golf shirts, golf sweaters, golf trousers, golf shoes and golf gloves to golf waterproofs and more, allowing you to be comfortable and prepared for a game of golf whatever the weather.

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