Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Golf Accessories

golf accessories

Once you have the bulk of your golf equipment it is important to top up on accessories these can range from must haves tee’s, to pitchmark repairers to repair the green after making those shots, golf ball retrievers to recover your golf ball, golf ball markers to personalise your golf ball and save arguments over whose is whose, plain and fancy head covers, and golf umbrellas to shelter from the sun or rain, and more.


Golf tee's

When choosing your tee’s the main choices are plastic or wooden, plastic being more durable so will generally last longer where as the wooden tee’s will be less resistant and will not affect the club speed.

Golf Trainers

Practice is key to improving your golf and lowering your handicap, with the golf trainers now available you can put in practice at home or even in the office on your lunch break.
Here at Onlinegolf, we have a range of comprehensive golf trainers for you to choose from, including golf training aids from the recognised brand Izzo.

Range Finders

Golf GPS and Golf Range Finders

GPS range finders work in the same way as sat navs in cars. The golf GPS systems such as Garmin, SonoCaddie and SkyCaddie allow you to plan your golf in more detail. You are able to download golf courses to your golf range finder, which is the same as having a yardage chart in your hand, but instead of a book you have an electronic gadget. They are R&A and USGA approved which make them competition legal and make your round more enjoyable as it tells you where all the hazards lie.

Another type of golf range finder is the Laser this uses an invisible laser beam which bounces off a distanced target at a click of a button, using advanced digital electronics; the range finder instantly calculates the distance within +/- 1 yard/metre. It then shows the range in either yards or metres on a through-the-lens LCD display. When using this gadget it literally takes seconds for the laser to relay the measurement, this is the most accurate form of measurement out of the two types of golf range finders. These are also R&A and USGA approved and can also be used in competition golf.

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