Friday, 8 January 2010

Electric Golf Trolleys Guide

electric golf trolley

For most golfers, an Electric Golf Trolley is big investment and an exciting one at that! Benefitting from a motor to propel them around the golf course, electric golf trolleys are the ultimate energy preserving method of carrying your golf clubs around the golf course – Let the electric motor take all the strain, leaving you to concentrate on your golf and saving your energy to the 18th hole and beyond!

Once the golf bag is attached to the trolley and the motor is switched on, all the golfer needs do is guide the trolley along and the motor will do most of the work. Electric Golf Trolleys are particularly useful for golfers with bad backs or those who prefer to exert less energy when transferring their golf equipment from hole to hole.

Electric Golf Trolleys generally come with a lead acid 18 or 36 hole battery, which as the name suggests, last for 18 or 36 holes of golf. The 36 hole version is ideal for golf competitions, with the 18 hole version more suitable for recreational or senior golfers.

A recent introduction is the lithium battery, which is approximately 25% the weight of a traditional lead acid battery, making it much easier to transport the electric golf trolley, and with some models, even allows you to fold down with the battery in place. These lithium batteries are not only significantly lighter and smaller than traditional batteries, but also last a lot longer, and are much more reliable.

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